Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Rose Whitening Moisturizer Cleanser
A cleanser specially design for people who has dry skin.Its delicate oil can break down the excess oil, remove impurities from pores and make skin clean without tight sensation. It contains rose hip seed oil and rose water which penetrate deeply into the skin making it moisturize and fair.
Pice : RM 118 . Size : 100ml
Rose Hip Seed Oil, Vitamin E

Tea Tree Deep Purification Cleansing Gel
Deep cleaning formula contains tea tree oil which helps to deep clean pores,and remove residual makeup and other impurities. It can maintain smooth pores, prevent acne and blackheads and make skin fresh and crystal clear. It nourish the skin, minimize the size of the pores, balance the water and oil level and makes the skin stay in the best condition.
Price : RM 118 Size : 100ml
Portulaca Oleracea extract, Tea Tree Oil

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